Ep 5

Thursday 7 November



Glen wakes from another bad dream. Malachi thinks the dreams are a manifestation of his guilt for cheating on his girlfriend, Caroline, and this is all part of the experience of growing up. Glen, however, knows deep down that he can’t make excuses for his duplicitous behaviour.

Things get even worse when Malachi reluctantly introduces Glen to Pauline, a colourful outgoing woman he met at an evening class. A trip down memory lane gives Glen a chance to think, and he decides it is time he grew up and accepts responsibility on his own terms. Glen does the only honourable thing he can think of - he panics and proposes to Caroline. Following this revelation, things go from bad to worse for Glen.

He decides to come clean but the damage is done. Malachi reassures him that the path through adulthood is rocky, and that we all make mistakes, but it doesn’t help Glen.

The series finale sees Glen grow from being a boy to a man. With the support of his family and fellow truckers he learns to accept what he has lost and look for a fresh start.