Trust Me I'm A Doctor

Confirmed for BBC Two on 17 October at 8.00pm to 9.00pm

Thursday 17 October



The second episode of Trust Me I'm A Doctor comes from Chester, where Dr Chris van Tullekan is running a unique experiment with researchers from the University of Chester, to find out whether sitting down too much is as bad for our health as smoking, and whether simply standing up a few more hours each day could revolutionise our health.

Are those constant adverts for private health checks worth listening to? Surgeon Gabriel Weston meets the experts to see if more of us should be signing up to these services. Also in this programme, Gabriel witnesses an extraordinary surgery in which a mother donates her womb to her daughter, who was born without one: an operation that if successful could become the most common transplant procedure in the world.

Chris finds out if vitamin supplements are key to a healthy lifestyle or just a big con, using an experiment involving a supplement pill and 24 hours' worth of urine.

A&E doctor Saleyha Ahsan continues her mission to give us all the skills to save a person's life. In this programme, she shows how to deal with that nightmare scenario of somebody choking in front of you, and how we could all save somebody’s life by following a few simple steps.

Michael Mosley once again interrogates the experts: this time on the subject of statins. These cholesterol-lowering drugs can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, but at what risk?