Confirmed for BBC One on 17 October at 9.00pm to 10.00pm

Ep 2/5

Thursday 17 October



Martin is trying to establish himself as the boss after his charismatic father Big Tone passes away, leaving the business to him. Supporting his mum, Roz, and running a business isn’t easy, but he is making the best of the situation.

The truckers are a tough crowd, used to a certain way of working which isn’t what you would call completely professional. As well as resistance from his employees to the new efficiency measures he’s put in place, he is also taking criticism at home from his girlfriend. While Martin is at the yard, she is honing her glutes trying to fulfil her lifelong dream of becoming a professional sports model.

After a series of revelations, Martin learns to step out of his father’s shadow and do things on his own terms, once and for all.

Martin is played by John Dagleish.