The Insider

Confirmed for BBC Three on 24 September at 7.00pm to 8.00pm

Ep 4/4

Tuesday 24 September



In the final episode of The Insider, one more group of young hopefuls enter a 10-day challenge in which they compete for the job of their dreams.

This time, the job is the coveted role of Experience Manager for daily deal website Groupon, who has the enviable job of finding and testing potential experiences to market to the company’s online visitors. Little do the candidates know however, among them is an insider from the company, who through getting to know the candidates both inside and outside of work, will be the ultimate decision-maker on who gets the job.

The tasks begin with a trip to one of the company’s most important clients, the English Birds of Prey centre, where the candidates must sample the brand and then present their experience ideas to some of the most senior figures in the company. Then, it’s time for a face-to-face meeting with company director Richard, and time for The Insider to reveal themselves to the viewers, and viewers only.

A brief moment of respite in the form of a night out gives The Insider a fresh insight into the personalities of the candidates before it is back to the grindstone for the final and toughest challenge. The team must plan and execute an event for Groupon customers, taking an idea from boardroom to fully fledged experience in just three days. Amid the chaos of organising the venue, the costumes, the dancers and the decorations, who will catch the eye of The Insider when they think no one’s watching?