Sound Of Cinema: Sunday Feature - Composing For Hollywood

Sunday 22 September



Journalist Jonathan Coffey travels to Los Angeles to investigate the business of writing music for the movies, meeting many of the top names in the industry.

Once upon a time, Hollywood composers were classically schooled European maestros, while today some of the most successful are drawn from the world of pop and rock. In this programme, Coffey travels to Los Angeles to meet some of the biggest names in the industry to assess the business of writing for the movies.

BBC’s Sound Of Cinema season is dedicated to exploring the composers, songs and film scores that form the soundtrack to the big screen. The season started on 12 September on BBC Four, accompanied by three weeks of programming on BBC Radio 3. Further programmes take place on BBC Radio 6 Music, Radios 1 & 1xtra, Radio 2 and the Asian network.

Presenter/ Jonathan Coffey, Producer/ Claire Burgoyne for the BBC

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