In Tune: Sound Of Cinema - Live From The BFI

Friday 13 September



Sean Rafferty is live at the BFI, launching Sound Of Cinema with Norma Herrmann - widow of film composer Bernard Herrmann - silent film pianist Neil Brand and the Tippett Quartet.

Sean presents a special show live from the BFI, on London’s Southbank, to launch Radio 3's Sound Of Cinema season and to tie in with the BFI's focus on the Gothic.

His guests include Norma Herrmann, widow of the great film score composer Bernard Herrmann, whose celebrated partnership with Alfred Hitchock gave rise to some of the most disconcerting scores in cinema history; silent film pianist and composer Neil Brand; and the Tippett Quartet playing live and showcasing some of the best music to come out of the movies.

Presenter / Sean Rafferty

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