Fightback Britain

Confirmed for BBC One on 12 August at 8.30-9.00pm

Ep 1/4

Monday 12 August



Last year, one in six of us were victims of crime, but new BBC One series Fightback Britain shows how the great British public are refusing to take this lying down and are helping the police fight back against the criminals.

Presenters Julia Bradbury and Adrian Simpson show how people throughout Britain are making life tough for the bad guys by capturing evidence for the police using the latest cameras, computer software, amateur detective work and sometimes even putting their own lives in danger.

In the first episode of this four-part series we meet the lorry drivers who bravely step in to try and avert disaster when a 30-tonne lorry hurtles down a motorway in the wrong direction, and a gang of weapon-wielding motorbike thieves gets more than it bargained for when a group of shop owners bands together to stop the theft of £50,000-worth of motorcycles.

We meet a man whose computer software enabled his stolen laptop to email him pictures of the people it ultimately wound up with as they sat unawares in bed, before being arrested by the police! And Julia and Adrian test the latest anti-theft software for your smart phone. With almost half of all robberies in Britain now involving a mobile phone, it could help you get your own back on the phone snatchers.

And finally we meet a woman who is so tired of getting her knickers stolen from her washing line she sets a trap using night vision cameras to catch the thief in act and hang him out to dry, only to be thwarted initially by her husband falling asleep on the job!