Boom Town

Confirmed for BBC Three on 14 August at 10.00pm to 10.30pm

Ep 1/6

Wednesday 14 August



Welcome to Boom Town, a new structured reality show featuring Britain's most eccentric real-life people - the lives, passions and dialogue of the people in this show are, believe it or not, all entirely their own.

In the first episode, viewers are introduced to a host of new characters, including Cream The Rapper, who is waxing lyrical in his local corner shop, Kev The Witch, who is getting his house valued by a local estate agent, and Jonny Nash The Ladies Man, who uses his unique chat up lines at a local speed-dating event.

Meanwhile, at the local care home, Alan The Care Home Worker is reading his elderly residents a story. We also meet Joel The Trainspotter, who is waiting (and waiting) for his favourite train; Boom Town’s superhero duo, The Knight Warriors, who are busy righting wrongs, or will be, as soon as their bus arrives; and Garth The Life Coach, who has some top tips for practical self-improvement.

Talina The Temptress makes a trip to the travel agents to blag herself a holiday, Pablo The Romantic is hoping to have tea for two and Dorota the Actress and her husband and manager Atonu provide a selection of scenes from their acting repertoire.

Also showcasing their creative talents are Stella The Fashion Designer, who uses some cunning tactics to flog her unique sanitary towel maxi dress to a local fashion boutique; Louis The Stripper, who attempts to demonstrate his passion, graphically, to his careers adviser; and finally, Anthony The Struggling Pub Landlord, who introduces his latest art installation, entitled 'French Revolution'.