Nick and Margaret: We All Pay Your Benefits

Confirmed for BBC One on 11 July at 9.00pm to 10.00pm

Ep 1/2

Thursday 11 July



As the economy struggles and everyone feels the pinch, the country is more divided than ever about how much of our taxes should be spent on benefits for the unemployed.

In this ambitious experiment Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford want to discover how much benefit is enough to live on and if work is worth it.

Four claimants and four taxpayers come face to face to explore each other’s lives, examine their values and speak their minds. Will the taxpayers feel that benefits are too high or not enough? And will the claimants decide that hard work is good for them or will the sacrifice be too much?

Set in Ipswich - a town with typical figures for unemployment – in this first episode the taxpayers spend time shopping, socialising and going through the claimants’ spending to see exactly how their hard-earned taxes are being spent.

They must decide if they think the claimants are given enough benefits money or not enough and with the battle lines drawn between ‘scroungers’ and ‘strivers’, this series brings the two sides together to discover if any of them can agree.