Your Money, Their Tricks

Confirmed for BBC One on 3 July at 8.00pm to 9.00pm

Ep 1/4

Wednesday 3 July



Whether we’re going on holiday, buying a car, furnishing our homes or enjoying time off, there can be shocking underhand tactics to avoid. Supporting the cost of living season on BBC One, this new four-part series strips one of those industries bare, to reveal their tricks, to help consumers spot them and to show them how to avoid being caught out.

In this opening episode Sian Williams, Nicky Campbell and Rebecca Wilcox tackle heavyweights across the entertainment industry.

Company insiders and exclusive hidden camera footage help them to expose the full range of ploys from the cheeky to the outrageous, and regular weekly slots including ‘Had by the Ad’, ‘The Insider’, ‘Survivors Guide’ and ‘Mystery Shoppers’ will reveal everything from eye-watering mark-ups and hidden fees to false promises and misleading sales practices.

This series won’t just bring the biggest names to book; it’ll empower the consumer to fight back, beat the tricks and most importantly, save cash.