The Radetzky March

Ep 1/2

Sunday 2 June



Joseph Roth's remarkable 1930s novel about the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire as seen through the lives of three generations of the Trotta family - a family of Slovenian peasants ennobled when Lieutenant Joseph Trotta saves Emperor Franz Joseph's life at the Battle of Solferino in 1859.

Most of the action, however, is set in the early years of the 20th century and concerns the next two generations of Trottas, a bureaucrat and a soldier: the Baron who’s stiff and guarded, but secretly loving - and his son, the useless, disaster-prone Carl Joseph.

After embarking on an affair with a married woman and provoking a duel that results in the death of his best friend, Carl Joseph is posted to a remote outpost of the vast, doomed Austro-Hungarian empire, where he drinks far too much, gambles, falls in love and into debt, and almost disgraces the family name - until his father, appealing to the old Emperor himself, intercedes.

With Henry Goodman as Joseph Roth, Paul Ready as Carl Joseph, Sam Dale as Franz Von Trotta, Scott Handy as Demant, Gunnar Cauthery as Barenstein, Chris Pavlo as Moser, Joannah Tincey as Eva, John Rowe as Jacques, Paul Stonehouse as Josef Von Trotta and Ben Crowe as Onufrij. Adapted for radio by Gregory Evans.

Producer/Marc Beeby for the BBC

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