Waterloo Road

Ep 24/30

Thursday 23 May



Sonya has a day from hell which sees her dumped by Ndale and hospitalising Rhiannon; Lorraine and Nikki reach a crossroads in their relationship; Steve-O tightens his grip on Connor and Kevin; and an ex-pupil makes a surprise return to Waterloo Road.

On their mother’s birthday, Sonya is all out to prove she’s as much of a success as sister Lorraine. Rhiannon encourages Sonya to follow her beautician dreams and sell beauty products to the pupils. But the beauty business quickly goes awry after Rhiannon has a bad reaction to Sonya’s tanning injection and is rushed to hospital.

To make matters worse, Sonya has an argument with Lorraine and is dumped by Ndale who tells her their one night stand was a mistake – his heart belongs to Audrey.

Sonya goes to the care home to visit her mother Maureen who has dementia. It’s heartbreaking for Sonya as her mother fails to recognise her, confusing her with Lorraine. Distraught, Sonya returns to school and makes a shock announcement.

Meanwhile, Lorraine puts business before pleasure and calls time on her relationship with Nikki after growing convinced it’s interfering with work. Steve-O’s reign of terror continues as he takes on Connor’s debt to Barry Barry before warning Kevin to stay away from Dynasty.

Tom explores the risks involved in donating a kidney to Grantly and is shocked when Josh makes a surprise return to Waterloo Road. Tom struggles to tell Josh his donation plans but he’s not the only one hiding a secret.

And there’s love in the air as Ndale makes a surprise proposal to a delighted Audrey.

Sonya is played by Victoria Bush, Ndale by Richie Campbell, Rhiannon by Rebecca Craven, Lorraine by Daniela Denby Ashe, Nikki by Heather Peace, Steve-O by Jody Latham, Connor by Shane O’Meara, Kevin by Tommy Lawrence Knight, Audrey by Georgie Glen, Maureen by Jan Goodman, Barry by Carl Au, Tom by Jason Done and Josh by William Rush.

Waterloo Road is a Shed Production for BBC One through BBC Scotland.