Waterloo Road

Ep 21/30

Thursday 2 May



Lula disapproves when new Waterloo Road pupil Fergal tempts Harley to behave dangerously out of character; Lorraine makes a surprise announcement; and Grantly struggles to keep his illness under wraps.

Newcomer Fergal is reminded by his mother, Teresa, that Waterloo Road is their last chance. Ignoring her warnings, Fergal heads off to school where Barry catches him taking drugs in the toilets. Seizing an opportunity, Barry coerces Fergal into a dodgy deal, supplying drugs to the school.

Fergal wastes no time in getting to work, offering to sell Harley some pills. A horrified Lula tries to stop him but Harley is sick of being treated like a child and rebels, taking the drugs – with disastrous consequences.

When Fergal’s drug-dealing is exposed, Michael invites Teresa to school for a showdown and it’s not long before Nikki unravels their family secret.

Elsewhere, Grantly and Maggie struggle to come to terms with the news that his kidney failure means he’ll need a transplant.

Grantly is determined to keep his condition private from the rest of the school but Maggie can’t hide her true feelings. And when her hopes of donating a kidney to her husband are dashed, Maggie can’t stay quiet any longer.

Michael and the staff are shocked by Lorraine’s announcement she’s appointed Nikki as the new deputy head without consultation. Michael confronts Lorraine but she quickly reminds him it’s her school and she can do what she likes.

Lorraine confides in Nikki that Waterloo Road faces dramatic budget cuts to stay open. Nikki offers her heartfelt support and it appears there’s a growing affection between the two women.

Lula is played by Marlene Madgene, Fergal by Sam Smith, Harley by Kane Tomlinson-Weaver, Lorraine by Daniela Denby Ashe, Grantly by Philip Martin Brown, Teresa by Josie Walker, Barry by Carl Au, Michael by Alec Newman, Nikki by Heather Peace and Maggie by Melanie Hill.

Waterloo Road is a Shed Production for BBC One through BBC Scotland.