Ep 1/4

Monday 29 April



In the first programme of a new series, Ben Robinson, takes to the skies to uncover new discoveries in the Stone Age landscape.

Archaeologist Ben Robinson flies over Wiltshire, the birthplace of Britain's archaeological history, and learns of amazing new research which has unearthed new proof about our pre-historic ancestors and Stonehenge.

From Silbury Hill and Avebury Ring, Ben follows the river Avon (the ‘Hampshire Avon’) from its source, a pure bubbling spring which never dries up, down to the sea at Hengistbury Head, meeting the archaeologists who are re-interpreting the purpose and meaning of the Long Barrows and Henges still evident from the air.

The view from the air is allowing experts to reinterpret landscapes by allowing them to see sites in context and make startling discoveries that were previously hidden from view.