Open Air

Monday 25 March to Friday 29 March



Radio 4’s focus on arts continues with a series of five playful and surprising audio interventions, stripped across the week after the Today programme at 9.02am.

Radio 4 and London-based arts organisation Artangel have commissioned artists known for their singular approach to performance, sound, sculpture, installation and filmmaking to respond to a particular moment in the morning radio schedule and re-interpret how broadcast space might be thought about and listened to. The artists are: Christian Marclay (Monday), Ruth Ewan (Tuesday), Peter Strickland (Wednesday), Susan Hiller (Thursday) and Mark Wallinger (Friday). An omnibus edition of all five pieces and interviews with the artists discussing their involvement will be broadcast at 11am on Easter Saturday.

Open Air marks a month until the submission deadline for Open, a call for new groundbreaking site-specific projects to transform the UK’s cultural landscape

Producer/Joby Waldman, A Somethin’ Else Production

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