Radio 1Xtra Stories: Like Father Like Son

Sunday 24 March



From the moment his son Marcel was born, Radio 1Xtra’s Seani B was determined to step up and be a good dad to his child.

But statistics suggest Seani’s unusual. Two-thirds of British-Caribbean children are brought up by a single parent – nearly always the mother. What’s happening to all these dads? Dads like Warren, who feels women are partly to blame: “Girls are trapping guys to have babies, knowing the father won’t play a major role. I got a text – 'I’m pregnant.' I got a text nine months later. 'Your baby’s born.' I was having a lot of sex. I didn’t pay no attention.”

At a parenting class at St Michael’s Fellowship in South London, Seani meets young guys determined to go down a different road and be there for their kids.

Dwayne is a single dad to his two year old daughter. Her birth has turned his life around. “When I first saw her it was just eye opening for me, just a real warm fuzzy moment. It changed me as a dad and made me be a better person in life.” He’s found pushing a buggy round his estate gets him respect from his neighbours, and attention from the ladies!

JJ thinks dads like him should stand up and be counted. He helped organise a march last year, representing dads walking into their children’s lives, with 100 men pushing their buggies through Brixton with pride.

Seani also hears from R n B superstar Usher and producer Dready – who shout out about the love they have for their kids!

Presenter/ Seani B, Producer/ Kim Normanton for Loftus Media

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