Prisoners' Wives

Confirmed for BBC One on 21 March at 9.00pm to 10.00pm

Ep 2/4

Thursday 21 March



Kim is determined to prove her husband’s innocence and get him released from prison. But with her community living in fear of her ASBO neighbours and suspicious of any man accused of child abuse, no one seems willing to help her.

Worse still, Kim comes to realise that the only way she can help her husband is to come clean about a secret she’d rather forget.

Meanwhile, Francesca starts money laundering for her husband’s business. Her family are proud that she has ‘gone straight’ but how long until they realise the truth? Harriet tries to take her relationship with prison chaplain Ian to another level, but with affairs of the heart occupying her, she takes her eye off troubled son Gavin. And as Aisling wrestles with her father’s spectacular unreliability, Brendan’s imprisonment remains a source of tension with fiancée Ben, and Aisling’s eyes begin to stray...

Kim Haines is played by Sally Carman, Fran Miller is played by Polly Walker, Aisling O'Connor is played by Karla Crome, and Harriet Allison is played by Pippa Haywood.