Being Eileen

Ep 6/6

Monday 11 March



In the final episode, Birthday, Paula and Ray have spent weeks preparing for Liam's pirate-themed birthday, but all is ruined when Paula drills through a water pipe while hanging up a porthole. They decamp to Eileen's house and promise to downsize their party ambitions, but Ray still brings his homemade multi-story pirate ship, which takes over the entire garden and is probably visible from space.

Paula becomes increasingly hysterical, and freaks out completely when she realises that her watch has stopped and she’s nowhere near ready for the guests to arrive. Eileen has to sedate her with a tot of whiskey, which has mixed results. Meanwhile, Mandy is hardly in the party mood as she’s suffering from a particularly virulent bug, while Ray is all dressed up to welcome his parents, who’ve never actually made it to one of the kids' parties before - and Eileen has a surprise visitor from their last Christmas holiday in Lapland...

The series stars Sue Johnston as Eileen, Elizabeth Berrington as Paula, William Ash as Ray, Julie Graham as Mandy and Dean Andrews as Pete. Being Eileen is written by Michael Wynne and produced by Rosemary McGowan. The Executive Producer is Pete Thornton.