Ripper Street

Ep 8/8

Sunday 24 February



Jackson is in custody, facing the noose for a murder he never committed.

Drake is despondent, his personal life a shambles. And Reid is adrift – his team in pieces, Leman Street in mourning, and his heart torn between two women. The suspected kidnapping of Rose, however, offers cause for Reid to try and assemble his men and crack the white slavery ring they find operating in their midst. But as the clues accumulate, Reid is gripped by a growing obsession that the man he hunts may have personal knowledge of the terrible secret Reid nurtures regarding his own past.

Starring Matthew Macfadyen as Det. Insp. Edmund Reid, Jerome Flynn as Det. Sgt Bennet Drake, Adam Rothenberg as Cpt. Homer Jackson, MyAnna Buring as Long Susan, David Wilmot as Sgt Donald Artherton, Jonathan Barnwell as PC Dick Hobbs, David Dawson as Fred Best, Charlene McKenna as Rose Erskine, Amanda Hale as Emily Reid, Lucy Cohu as Deborah Goren, Joseph Gilgun as Carmichael, Hugh O'Conor as Mr Eagles, Michael Smiley as George Lusk, Giacomo Mancini as Thomas Gower, Beverley Klein as Mrs Manby, and David Coon as Ernest Manby.