Child Of Our Time

Ep 2/2

Thursday 28 February



The second episode of the new series looks at how some of the children – and their parents and grandparents – have coped with the changes in their family, including divorce of their parents, getting into trouble at school and coping with bereavement.

This episode catches up with Jamie, who is coping with his parents' separation and divorce; Charlotte who is now part of a large extended family; triplets Phoebe, Alice and Mabel; Nathan from Scotland, who is beginning to push boundaries with his parents; Ethan from Northern Ireland; East Anglian Calvin; Rebecca from London; Tyrese from Birmingham; Charlie, whose mum was our youngest Child Of Our Time parent; and Eve, who sadly lost her mum to cancer in 2008.

As some of the parents reveal their expectations for their children and for the future of their families, the programme considers if the Child Of Our Time series has identified the key moments that made the children who they are today and how insightful this archive is in terms of where the children want to go next.