Being Eileen

Confirmed for BBC One on 25 February at 10.35pm to 11.05pm

Ep 4/6

Monday 25 February



In episode four, entitled Monopoly, Eileen comes across an old 'Teach Yourself Spanish' tape and decides that, in keeping with her new philosophy on life, it's never too late to try something new.

However, her studies are interrupted by Paula, Ray and the kids, who arrive in search of the old family Monopoly board, which is stashed somewhere in Eileen's chaotic attic. Ray needs the instructions to complete his own copy of the game, which is in perfect condition, having never been played with, and has recently fetched big money on eBay. Soon the entire contents of the attic are out on the upstairs landing and the situation further deteriorates when Mandy, Pete, Ethan and Melissa arrive with Mandy planning on using Eileen’s freezer as a base from which to sell some dodgy food she’s picked up from work. It’s hardly the perfect environment for Eileen to concentrate on her Spanish, and it’s not long before she’s forced to use other, stronger language to restore order.

The series stars Sue Johnston as Eileen, Elizabeth Berrington as Paula, William Ash as Ray, Julie Graham as Mandy and Dean Andrews as Pete. Being Eileen is written by Michael Wynne and produced by Rosemary McGowan. The Executive Producer is Pete Thornton.