Radio 1Xtra Stories: Coming Out

Sunday 24 February



BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ Adele Roberts knows from her own experience that coming out can be complicated - but is it easier today than ever before?

To find out, Adele talks to young people around the UK to hear their coming out stories. How did they face up to the challenge of being honest about their sexuality with themselves and the people closest to them? What is their advice to others in a similar situation?

The programme features contributions from the likes of Jaymi Hensley - the X Factor contestant and member of Union J who came out half way through the last series of the biggest talent show on TV. It also looks at the experiences of out celebrities from the worlds of music and entertainment such as Frank Ocean and Stooshe. Having decided to make this programme, Adele went on Radio 1’s Surgery to tell her own coming out story and ask for others to contribute... and got a massive response.

It's the personal stories of these contributors that are at the heart of Coming Out; they give a snapshot of exactly what it’s like for young people to come out as lesbian, gay or bisexual in the UK today.

Presenter/Adele Roberts, Producer Andy Taylor

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