Way To Go

Ep 6/6

Thursday 21 February



In the final episode of series one, The End Of The Beginning, written and directed by Jeff Green Stein (Desperate Housewives), Scott, fresh from being dumped by Julia, needs to get away and suggests the guys splurge on a corporate retreat at a beautiful hotel in the country.

Doing cabaret there is one of Joey’s childhood heroes, actor Nigel Banks from 80s TV series Rogue Irish Detective. Banks is drunk and disillusioned. He wants to die and Joey may be able to assist, even though Banks is a healthy man.

Meanwhile, Cozzo puts his body issues aside and has a holistic massage at the hotel from a beautiful Thai girl, and is tempted. Scott is also tempted by the sight of his ex-girlfriend, Lucie with her new boyfriend. He cannot resist trying his hand at getting her back even though it is Julia that he really wants.

Away from the hotel retreat, Cozzo’s wife Debbie has been promoted to Detective and has been told to investigate a string of suicides. Could this be the guys’ undoing?

This episode features a singing performance by Warren Clarke (Dalziel and Pascoe) of Mad Dogs and Englishman, Noel Coward. The series is written by Bob Kushell with additional episodes written by Russell Arch, Brian Dooley (Smoking Room) and Jeff Greenstein (Desperate Housewives, Will And Grace). The producer is Justin Davies (Psychoville, Some Girls) and the executive producer is Jon Plowman (Ab Fab, Psychoville, Twenty Twelve).