Sound And The Fury: A Century of Music

Tuesday 19 February



Episode two, Free For All, explores the rapidly expanding musical spectrum of the mid-20th century.

Celebrated composers reflect on how artistic freedom clashed with political totalitarianism in the early 20th century and reveal some of the shock-provoking music that grew out of this era. The episode reveals how the wild drive for music to be more extreme and to break ground was imperative for composers, but also a response to a right wing conservatism that valued traditional musical values above all things. The episode questions whether this music was art for art’s sake, or whether the extreme times called for extreme measures.

The Sound And The Fury: A Century Of Music, a three-part series, accompanies a partnership with the Southbank Centre that traces the turbulent history and ground-breaking music of the last century, uncovering how the last 100 years have changed music and the way we listen to sound forever. The 3x60-minute series will explore why individual composers felt compelled to create the challenging music they did and how they were influenced by the moral, philosophical, and social upheavals at the time.