Wonders Of Life

Ep 3/5

Sunday 10 February



Professor Brian Cox continues to explore the globe, revealing how a few fundamental laws of science gave birth to life as we know it.

In this episode, Endless Forms Most Beautiful – a quote from Charles Darwin’s On The Origin of Species - Brian travels to the richly bio-diverse hot spots of Southern Africa and Madagascar. The 100 million plant and animal species that are alive today represent less than one per cent of all the species that have ever existed.

Brian asks why is it that the Earth is so fertile and life is so diverse. He searches for clues to how by considering the chemistry of a lion. The answer, he reveals, lies, in part in carbon. It’s a universal building block forged by the stars that is captured by the living world.

By following the stellar origins of carbon and the universality of the laws of nature, Brian contemplates whether there could be similar life elsewhere in the universe.