Deadly Mission Madagascar

Ep 1/10

Day and time to be confirmed


Eight British teenagers venture to the frontline of conservation to discover for themselves why wildlife is under threat. Together with research scientists, conservationists and the people of Madagascar, the team get hands-on to try to save the unique creatures of this magical island.

During a gruelling month in the jungles and on the ocean, the adventurers come face to face with the weird and the wonderful... from humpback whales to pygmy mouse lemurs, and even the mystical and deadly fossa.

In episode one, the gang arrives in Madagascar and immediately heads out to track down some of the planet's most endangered wildlife. They split into two teams: one team ventures into the hills in search of the elusive, beautiful black-and-white ruffed lemur while the other treks deep into the dense lowland bamboo thicket on the trail of one of the rarest primates on earth... the greater bamboo lemur. They come to understand the problems facing these creatures, why their habitats are being destroyed and who is responsible - and their reactions are not what they expect.