The Genius Of Invention

Confirmed for BBC Two on 7 February at 9.00pm to 10.00pm

Ep 3/4

Thursday 7 February



The Genius Of Invention is a new series for BBC Two exploring how key inventions came about through sparks of inventive genius and steady incremental improvements hammered out in workshops, separating myth from reality in the lives of the great inventors and celebrating some of the most remarkable stories in British history.

Nothing has shrunk the globe more than our extraordinary ability to communicate across oceans and continents. Looking at how this came to be, episode three of The Genius of Invention tells the story of the inventors and inventions who helped build the modern world by harnessing electricity and electromagnetism to enable instant messages to be sent across vast distances.

Filmed at the BT National Network Control Centre in Shropshire, Michael Mosley and academics, Prof Mark Miodownik and Dr Cassie Newland tell the fascinating story of three more transformative inventions; the electric telegraph, the telephone and wireless communication.