Old Jack's Boat

Ep 6-10

Monday 28 January to Friday 1 February



Old Jack continues his amazing adventures on the high seas with his faithful dog Salty and the friends he meets along the way.

In Monday’s episode, Sam and Ernie are building a beach hut and Jack offers to fetch a feather duster to clean it, reminding him of an adventure he once had with a feather duster and a very clumsy giant.

On Tuesday, it’s Ernie’s birthday and Shelly has made a special cake - but disaster is never far away from Ernie, prompting Jack to tell a tale of when he delivered a very special birthday present.

Emily and Shelly start selling doughnuts in Wednesday’s episode and the holes in the middle remind Jack of a time when the Rainbow had some holes too.

In Thursday’s episode Miss Bowline-Hitch has been rushing around and needs to sit down for a rest. But all the seats are uncomfortable – a bit like a certain Seaweed Queen’s throne.

Emily wants a rainbow to shine over Staithes in Friday’s episode and Jack recalls the time that he and Salty set off to find the end of the rainbow.