Lost Kingdoms Of South America

Ep 3/4

Monday 28 January



Presented by archaeologist Dr Jago Cooper, BBC Four reveals the extraordinary history of some of South America’s ancient civilizations, exploring spectacular ruins and investigating the myths and legends that surround these mysterious kingdoms.

The four part series, Lost Kingdoms of South America, explores some of the richest and most vibrant histories in the world, revealing fascinating stories of complex and sophisticated civilisations that existed for up to a millennium before their fall to the Incas and the Spanish in the middle ages.

Through the mountains and jungles of Colombia, Dr Jago Cooper goes in search of the truth behind one of the greatest stories ever told: the legend of El Dorado. His journey takes him from Bogota to the Caribbean coast, through territories once dominated by two cultures, the Muisca and Tairona, who flourished for centuries before the arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century. Dr Cooper travels to an astonishing lost city to meet the last survivors of an ancient civilisation, revealing a forgotten people who valued gold in a way the Western world still struggles to understand.