Bob Servant Independent

Ep 2/6

Wednesday 30 January



In this second episode of Bob Servant Independent, the by-election favourite Nick Edwards arrives in town with his smart, glamorous wife and campaign manager, Philippa.

For Bob and his slightly less smart, glamorous campaign manager, Frank, the arrival of the Edwards causes great discomfort. The two teams have a highly charged first meeting that ends, inevitably, with Bob making unlikely claims about a photocopier.

Seeking an edge over Edwards, Bob positions himself as a ‘local man’. From the pubs of Broughty Ferry to the Lady Provost’s Dinner (the hottest ticket in town), Bob chaotically attempts to gather support. When the Edwards also arrive at the Provost’s Dinner, the scene is set for a dramatic conclusion.

Brian Cox adds: “I love Bob’s audacity and fundamentally good nature – also his optimism and the fact that this cannot be dented. This is very much in the spirit of Dundonians in that they will not be knocked off their perch.”

Brian Cox plays Bob Servant, Jonathan Watson plays Frank, Rufus Jones play Nick Edwards, Pollyanna McIntosh plays Philippa Edwards, Victoria Liddelle plays the Lady Provost, John Buick plays the Taxi Driver and Ron Donachie plays the Medical Director.

Bob Servant Independent was written by Neil Forsyth and produced by Owen Bell.