The Genius Of Invention

Confirmed for BBC Two on 24 January at 9.00pm to 10.00pm

Ep 1/4

Thursday 24 January



Every time we switch on a light or boil a kettle we rely on power – but most people don’t stop to think about the inventions and discoveries that allow us to live the way we do. In an exciting new four-part series for BBC Two, The Genius Of Invention reveals the fascinating chain of events behind inventions that make everyday life possible.

This first episode tells the story of the handful of extraordinary British inventors and inventions who helped build the modern world by understanding, harnessing, and using power.

Coming from Drax Power Station in Yorkshire, the UK's largest power station, Michael Mosley and academics, Prof Mark Miodownik and Dr Cassie Newland put three of the greatest and most transformative inventions of all time under the spotlight: the steam engine, the electrical generator and the steam turbine.

Explaining how these inventions came about by sparks of inventive geniuses and steady incremental improvements hammered out in British workshops, the team of experts separate myth from reality in the lives of the great inventors and celebrate some of the most remarkable stories in British history.