Confirmed for BBC Three on 22 January at 10.00pm to 10.30pm

Ep 3/6

Tuesday 22 January



Laura (Scarlett Alice Johnson) has a work placement and, with Janet out at work and Alan (Angus Deaton) too clumsy to be safely left with a baby, Laura takes up Jamie’s (Sean Michael Verey) offer to babysit.

Then Jamie finds out he has an exam on the same day but doesn’t want to let Laura think he’s shirking his responsibility. He is forced to leave Emily with his last resort babysitters - Mike (Dylan Edwards) and Beth (Yasmin Paige). Mike is confident they can cope. Beth is confident she can cope. But when they’re presented with a newborn medical crisis they discover they’re not quite as capable as they thought.

Sandra (Bronagh Gallagher), sick of Keith’s (Ben Crompton) increasing employment torpor, pushes him into getting a job. Desperate to get Sandra off his back, Keith takes a work-from-home job in the paper. But he’s surprised to find he is working in the sex industry.