Junior Vets

Ep 1/10

Day and time to be confirmed


Junior Vets is a brand new CBBC series that gives six ordinary school children the chance to become the first-ever juniors to enrol at Edinburgh University’s super high-tech Vet School.

They’re working alongside the Vet School’s top vets and treating poorly pets, wounded wildlife and farm animals that are feeling unwell.

Each of the Junior Vets has their own unique reason for joining Vet School. Some are anxious about animals, or they want to prove they should be allowed a pet. Others are desperate to be a vet when they grow up. But they all share one goal: they want to prove they’ve got what it takes to care for unwell animals, plus they’re all competing against each other in the race to be named Head Vet by series presenter, and leading vet, Paul Manktelow.

In episode one, it's day one at Vet School. Six ordinary school kids have been chosen from a thousand applicants to find out if they've got what it takes to be a vet. They all want to help injured animals and poorly pets. Today, the raw recruits help test lonely horse Brie for a life-threatening illness. Plus they carry out delicate surgery on a rowdy raccoon and try to find out what's wrong with Ronnie the dog's sore leg.