Confirmed for BBC One on 19 January at 8.50pm to 9.40pm

Saturday 19 January



Jordan desperately fights to keep Yvonne’s life support machine switched on but when a young woman arrives in the ED he’s forced to reconsider his motives in Casualty: No Other Medicine.

With Yvonne’s condition deteriorating Jordan is determined not to give up hope. But when he meets a young woman, Lauren, and sees her father’s desperation as she refuses treatment, will he realise that his battle to save Yvonne is futile?

Meanwhile Jeff and Dixie find a young guy, Wayne, being set upon by local bullies. Sam and Fletch are concerned by Wayne’s symptoms - however, when Aoife finds him stealing supplies, she’s convinced he’s just a thief. But when he runs away will she be proved right?

Stars: Daniel Anthony (Jamie): Amanda Henderson (Robyn); Gemma-Leah Devereux (Aoife); Rebecca Newman (Ally); Oliver Coleman (Tom); Matt Bardock (Jeff); Charlotte Salt (Sam); Alex Walkinshaw (Fletch); Sunetra Sarker (Zoe); Tony Marshall (Lloyd); Charles Dale (Big Mac); Michael Obiora (Lloyd); Jane Hazlegrove (Dixie); Christine Tremarco (Linda); Michael French (Jordan); Azuka Oforka (Louise); Rachel Shelley (Yvonne Rippon); Rachel Shelley (Yvonne Rippon); Ranjit Krishnamma (Earl); Sarah Beck Mather (Lauren); Vee Vimolmal (Dr Thorne); Martin Troakes (Tony); Sarah Berger (Helen); Helen Sheals (Karen); Frasier Huckle (Wayne)