The Dumping Ground

Ep 3/13

Friday 11 January

Time to be confirmed


Feeling pushed out when her dad Steve’s heavily pregnant girlfriend Shannay moves into their flat, Lily goes back to The Dumping Ground, declaring that she’s moving back. Steve tries to convince her to come home but tensions rise, and Lily blows her top. When Shannay goes into early labour, Lily fears the worst; if anything happens to the baby, it will all be down to her.

Brand new CBBC drama series The Dumping Ground is a fast-paced mix of social drama and comedy, taking the audience back into the heart of the fictional care home previously featured in the hugely popular Tracy Beaker Returns.

Now that Tracy has left, some brand new faces enter the Dumping Ground and stir things up, as one by one they meet the show’s familiar, well-loved characters. The fresh ensemble-style show will see surprising new friendships formed, as characters are forced to lean on each other in challenging times.

At the start of the series, the Dumping Ground descends into anarchy when Mike goes on holiday and Gina ends up in hospital after an accident with a grenade. The Young People struggle to cope and start to turn on each other after taking the decision to try and fend for themselves.

With the Young People at the very heart of the drama in every episode, this series will appeal to fans of Tracy Beaker Returns and new viewers alike.