Cabin Pressure

Wednesday 9 January



Cabin Pressure, the sitcom about the wing-and-a-prayer-world of a tiny, one plane, charter airline staffed by two pilots - one on his way down, and one who was never up to start with - returns for its fourth series.

In the first programme, it’s hooray, hooray for it’s Birling Day once more, where the crew traditionally swap their dignity for cash! But where have all the camels gone? And why is Arthur reading a book?

With Stephanie Cole as Carolyn Knapp-Shappey, Roger Allam as 1st Officer Douglas Richardson, Benedict Cumberbatch as Captain Martin Crieff, John Finnemore as Arthur Shappey, Geoffrey Whitehead as Mr Birling and Steve Brody as Giancarlo. Written by John Finnemore.

Producer/ David Tyler, a Pozzitive Television LTD production

BBC Radio 4 Publicity