Chasing New Year

Monday 31 December to Tuesday 1 January



BBC Radio 4 Extra celebrates New Year’s Eve by bringing listeners programmes with links across the globe throughout the day and into the New Year.

As the clock chimes midnight across the world, BBC Radio 4 Extra raids the BBC archives for programmes from, about, or set in a different part of the world, scheduled for broadcast at the time that country celebrates the New Year.

(10.00) Kiribati, Distant Chords

(10.30) Tonga and Samoa, Around The World In 25 Years

(11.00) New Zealand , Flight Of The Conchords ep 2, Cruickshank On New Zealand Ep 3, Cruickshank On New Zealand Ep 4

(12.00) Antarctica, Ashes To Antarctica

(12.45) Fiji, A Week In The Pitt Rivers: The Writer

(13.00) Australia, Radio Active In Australia, Excess Baggage: Aboriginal Australia, Educating Archie: Archie In Australia

(14.30) Papua New Guinea, Journey Of A Lifetime

(15.00) Japan, Mastering the Art of the Kimono

(15.30) Japan, Centurions: Tokyo Story

(15.45) Korea, 100 Objects: Korean Roof Tiles

(16.00) China, Lifestyles Of The Trapped And Cabbaged

(16.45) Singapore, This Sceptred Isle: Empire Ep 44 (Raffles)

(17.00) Thailand, Giles Wemmbley-Hogg Goes Off

(17.30) Vietnam, Dear Diary: Hanoi

(18.00) Bangladesh, Fires Unseen

(18.30) India, Just A Minute In India

(19.00) Pakistan/Afghanistan, Tales Of Everyday Folk Ep 1

(19.30) Uzbekistan, Kathmandu Or Bust Ep 4

(20.00) Russia, Lewis Carroll’s Adventures In Russia

(20.45) Iran, Uncovering Iran/Telling Stories: The Gift

(21.00) Madagascar, The Lives of Others

(21.15) Iraq, On The Field

(22.00) Egypt, Ectoplasm: The Curse Of Tutancommon

(22.30) Greece, Acropolis Now Ep 1

(23.00) Spain, Cabin Pressure:

(23.30) Belgium, Ross Noble Goes Global

Tuesday 1st January

(00.00) UK, News Quiz Extra, New Year With The Shuttleworths

(01.00) East Greenland, Manikudlak And The Bear

(02.00) Uruguay, Beautiful Dreamers: The Traitor Of The Zazalcara

(02.30) Brazil, 100 Years Oof Concrete

(03.00) Argentina, Viva Musica Latina ep 2

(03.30) Newfoundland/Labrador, The Fisheries Broadcast

(04.00) Bolivia, On The Trail of Butch And Sundance

(04.30) Trinidad, Writing the Century Ser 11 Ep 2

(04.45) Venezuela, Peacefully In Their Sleeps: Sister Cecilia Of Caracas

(05.00) Cuba, Desert Island Discs: Carlos Acosta

(05.45) Jamaica, Musical Migrants Ep 1

(06.00) Chicago, Man Of All Work

(07.00) Arizona, When the Whistle Blows, Concrete Dreams : Phoenix

(07.30) Wyoming, Bird Cloud Eps 1 & 2

(08.00) Los Angeles, Here We Come

(08.30) Las Vegas, Knowing Me Knowing You

(09.00) Alaska, A Frontier Family, Twenty Minutes – My Northern Lights.

(10.00) Hawaii, Pacific Dreams

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