Racing Legends

Ep 1/2

Thursday 27 December



Racing Legends follows two high-profile car enthusiasts as they retrace the steps of Great British racing legends.

Through a combination of revealing interviews and fascinating archive footage, each celebrity fan will pay tribute to the racing legend by spending time with them and the people who knew them best. They’ll learn about the vehicles they drove and the engineering they employed, and they’ll try to understand what put them in pole position. Their ultimate mission: to emulate the legend by re-enacting one of their greatest-ever races, in a rare classic car. With the original team of mechanics re-assembled, and the racetracks re-opened, this is the enthusiasts’ opportunity to remind the world just how special the racing legend really was.

Former Captain of the USS Enterprise and renowned Shakespearian actor, Sir Patrick Stewart tells the enthralling story of Sir Stirling Moss’s glittering race career. The pair travel to Florence in a classic Mercedes to retrace the route of Italy’s most famous road race – the Mille Miglia – and discuss how Stirling’s near-fatal crash may have been the best thing that ever happened to him.

But how will Sir Patrick cope when he drives a 1957 Formula 1 car at the scene of Stirling’s historic British Grand Prix victory?