Mr Bloom's Nursery - Hoe Hoe Hoe!

Confirmed for CBeebies on 18 December at 4.30pm to 4.55pm

Tuesday 18 December



Mr Bloom and the Veggies create a Christmas with all the trimmings!

Mr Bloom takes the Veggies to a log cabin to celebrate Christmas. When they arrive, the Veggies are unimpressed by the lack of decorations. Mr Bloom heads off to a nearby Christmas Tree farm, where he is joined by some Tiddlers, who help him to cut down a tree to take back to their cabin. Together they then make homemade tree decorations – lavender-filled gold sachets.

On their return to the log cabin, the naughty Veggies have had a pillow fight and Mr Bloom is left to vacuum up the feathers! Then it is time for the special nativity performance but there is no-one to play the role of the Kings! Enter the Tiddlers, who complete the cast – their tree decorations being the perfect substitute for the Kings’ gifts. And when Mr Bloom accidentally presses 'blow' on the vacuum cleaner, the flurry of feathers creates the snowy scene that they’d all been hoping for!