Ep 1/3

Wednesday 12 December to Friday 14 December



Keira Knightley makes a rare audio drama appearance in this 1999 dramatization of Charlotte Bronte’s novel.

She took two parts – that of Polly and Fleur. She was joined by Joanna Page, later of Gavin And Stacey fame. The lead part of Lucy Snowe was taken by Catherine McCormack and other cast includes Dame Harriet Walter, Joseph Fiennes and James Laurenson

The series is set in a fictional Belgium town – Villette – and is based on Bronte’s own travels to Belgium and experience of teaching in a small school. On a second visit in 1843 she fell in love and that doomed relationship is believed to be the model for her heroine, Lucy Snowe’s, own love affair with Paul Emanuel (James Laurenson).

Producer/Catherine Bailey for Catherine Bailey Productions

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