The Hour

Confirmed for BBC Two on 13 December at 9.00pm to 10.00pm

Ep 6/6

Thursday 13 December



Scandal hits The Hour on the day of the show as Hector’s face hits the tabloids, along with leaked stories of Kiki’s accusations.

The team may have uncovered a major conspiracy story - Howard Satchell, Minister of Defence profiteering from the nuclear base contracts he himself awarded to organised criminal Cilenti - but how will they reveal this when one of their own is in the spotlight? It looks like the corruption ring is shutting down the exposé at all costs and Hector is the fall guy. As Freddie and Hector chase potential sources Laurie and Kiki, it’s clear that all the powerful men involved are closing ranks, and Freddie’s brave determination puts him at acute risk.

Marnie’s faced with a dilemma at ITV - will she forsake Hector so as not to tarnish her image? Meanwhile, Bill challenges whether Bel’s real affections lie elsewhere, and Lix and Randall finally get some answers in the search for their daughter.

Bel Rowley is played by Romola Garai, Freddie Lyon by Ben Whishaw, Hector Madden by Dominic West, Howard Satchell by Laurence Kennedy, Cilenti by Vincent Riotta, Laurie Stern by Peter Sullivan, Kiki by Hannah Tointon, Marnie Madden by Oona Chaplin, Bill Kendall by Tom Burke, Randall Brown by Peter Capaldi, and Lix Storm by Anna Chancellor.