Rocket's Island

Ep 1-3/3

Day and time to be confirmed


Tucked away in a corner of the beautiful Isle of Man is a farm called The Knot - a special place where raw and rugged nature plays host to a stream of urban kids, all fostered by Peter and Sarah Boulsworth and their kids, Rocket (11) and Alli (14). But Rocket and Alli never signed up for this.

Sure, they have the freedom of the farm, which they zoom around on quad bike and horseback, but they never volunteered to have dozens of brothers and sisters – after all, some days just one sibling feels like one too many...

Episode One

Rocket and Alli have just said goodbye to the latest in a long line of temporary siblings. Every single Knot kid gets their own special place in the family Wish Cave, where Rocket and Alli have pasted photos and stickers and messages to remember all of their foster siblings over the years. It’s not long before the next arrivals are due to explode into Rocket and Alli’s lives, and their timing could not be worse: Alli and Rocket are about to compete in the annual village show - Rocket in the sheepdog trials and Alli in the show jumping. Sarah and Peter have promised they will have no foster siblings to distract them. That promise is about to be broken like never before.

Prickly siblings Casey (14) and Lena (11) are different from the usual foster kids. There’s something about them Rocket just can’t put his finger on. But he’s sure that their secretive front masks something serious. Like when Casey or Lena do tell Rocket or Alli something about their past, their stories don’t match. And when they refuse to have their photos taken and seem to converse in some strange language or code, Rocket knows there is something not right about them... And when Lena begins to issue stark warnings that in five days' time it is the end of everything, he knows he needs to do something.

Episode Two

Rocket sees Casey and Lena driving off on Peter’s tractor. He has to give up all hope of competing and winning in the sheepdog trials in order to give chase. The only way to stop Casey and Lena getting away is to use his shepherding skills. He manoeuvres Wayne his sheepdog into Casey’s path, knowing that Casey will stop the tractor rather than hurt the dog. Rocket has averted disaster, but a furious Peter and Sarah have seen everything and order the three kids home.

Meanwhile, a nervous Alli completes her show jumping course and finds that she has actually won! But it’s a hollow victory when she realises that despite all her promises, Sarah was not there to see her win. In an act of private defiance, Alli chooses not to accept her trophy and instead hangs out with class troublemaker Tyler McCray and his sarky mates Madison and Joe. Rocket too faces social repercussions when Dibber is angry that, after all their joint coaching, Rocket and Wayne never even competed. Dibber is also disappointed that Rocket has stopped Casey and Lena leaving. He wants them gone, especially as Lena’s doomy proclamation that in five days' time it’s the end of everything coincides with Dibber’s birthday.

Episode Three

Alli is alarmed to find that no one believes her when she tries to tell them that Casey told her that he and Lena are planning something for tomorrow. She doesn’t know what it is, but it sounds dangerous and she is scared...

At school the next day, Rocket and Dibber have a major argument over Dibber’s eagerness for Casey and Lena to leave. Meanwhile, Casey is on tenterhooks and Alli picks up on this. He and Lena shock everyone by running out of class, then Alli sees their social worker’s car in the playground as Casey and Lena run for their lives and get in. Alli and Rocket give chase – on bikes belonging to Dibber and his mum.

As they arrive in the farm yard, Rocket and Alli are told to return to school by their dad. He hurries away but Alli tries once more to get through to Rocket, telling him he was right – everyone has been lying to them about Casey and Lena from the day they arrived. Rocket looks thoughtfully at some lights his dad had installed the day before the fair. It stays light so late, and the fair ended long before dusk, so why were they needed? Rocket unscrews the cover of the light and sees inside a CCTV camera... This is serious now, what is going on?