Casualty: Sixteen Candles

Confirmed for BBC One on 24 November at 8.55pm to 9.45pm

Saturday 24 November



An intruder brings a teenager’s birthday to an abrupt end, sending a patient from Tess's past back to the ED - and a woman collapses in shock after finding out she’s the heir to her estranged aunt’s fortune, as the long-running medical drama continues.

As Caitlin enjoys her 16th birthday the celebrations are brought to a sudden end when her mother Becky stumbles upon an intruder. Attacking him in self-defence, Becky is badly burnt and the mysterious intruder lies unconscious on the floor.

Arriving in the ED, the father John recognises Tess and, as he struggles with a secret that threatens to tear his family apart, he confides in her. Seeing Tess struggle under the weight of what she knows, Fletch goes the extra mile to bring the family together again.

Sam and Lloyd treat the intruder, but soon discover that their unknown male patient has a past that he doesn’t want revealed to anyone.

Elsewhere in Holby, heir hunter Wally tracks down Maggie, who is the reluctant recipient of her aunt’s large will. Shocked by the news, she collapses and is rushed to the ED where her family’s history comes back to haunt her.

Stars: Charles Dale (Big Mac); Oliver Coleman (Tom); Matt Bardock (Jeff); Charlotte Salt (Sam); Will Beck (Dylan); Michael Obiora (Lloyd); Alex Walkinshaw (Fletch); Derek Thompson (Charlie); Sunetra Sarker (Zoe); Tony Marshall (Noel); Suzanne Packer (Tess); Gemma Atkinson (Tamzin Bayle); Jane Hazelgrove (Dixie); Connie Fisher (Amanda); Melanie Gutteridge (Becky); Jordon Stevens (Caitlin); Tom Veasey (Billy); Allyson Ava-Brown (Lizzie); Annette Badland (Maggie); Dan Starkey (Wally); Ryan Early (John) and Michael Camp (Luke)