Attenborough: 60 Years In The Wild - Understanding The Natural World

Ep 2/3

Friday 23 November



In episode two, Understanding The Natural World, David examines the incredible scientific breakthroughs within his lifetime that have helped to shape an understanding of the world.

They range from one of his early interviews with biologist Konrad Lorenz - famous for his discoveries about the behaviour of geese - to a groundbreaking experiment in the 1950s that first revealed how the chemical primordial soup could be transformed into the building blocks of life.

He also remembers the groundbreaking series that brought key scientific theories to a mass audience. In the 70s, David’s first landmark series for the BBC, Life On Earth, covered the entire story of evolution as he followed in the footsteps of his hero Charles Darwin. And in The Living Planet, David explained one of the greatest scientific mysteries that wasn’t solved until the 1960s – how whole continents moved over millions of years.

During David Attenborough’s filmmaking career spanning 60 years, there have been unparalleled changes both in the natural world, the understanding of the planet and the techniques used in filming. He takes a very personal journey through six decades and the massive developments he has witnessed.