Saturday Drama: The Martin Beck Killings – The Man Who Went Up In Smoke

Ep 2/5

Saturday 3 November



As part of the ‘Foreign Bodies’ series of programming, Radio 4 presents ‘The Man Who Went Up In Smoke’. The second in the series authored by husband and wife writing team Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö from their 1960s Martin Beck detective novels.

Having just arrived on a beautiful, remote island for his much-needed summer break with his wife and young children, Detective Inspector Beck is summoned back to Stockholm, where he is sent on a seemingly pointless and unofficial mission to Budapest, in search of a missing journalist. It is only when Beck has pretty much given up on the case that the truth finally emerges.

With Steven Mackintosh as Martin Beck, Neil Pearson as Lennart Kollberg, Justin Salinger as Gunnarsson, Georgia Groome as Ari Boeck and Patrick Brennan as Szluka.

Director/Mary Peate for the BBC

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