Something Special - We're All Friends

Ep 1-5/25

Monday 22 October to Friday 26 October



Something Special takes on some new themes as it returns with a brand new series, Something Special – We’re All Friends. The series sees Justin travelling across the UK to meet new friends and seeking out new words while Mr Tumble moves house to a new town called Tumbleton.

Each episode sees Justin and Mr Tumble use sign, speech and symbols to enable every child to communicate about the world around them. Young viewers will recognize the regular phrases that encourage them to interact with the programme while also being introduced to new music and songs.

This series has an extra ‘something special’ as Mr Tumble opens his spotty bag to reveal the Tumble Tapp – Mr Tumble’s very own mobile game which not only features on the programme but will soon launch on

On Monday, Mr Tumble is moving to a new home in Tumbleton! Meanwhile Justin and his friend Ethan go for a day out in Ethan’s grandparents’ motor home. Tuesday sees Justin travel to York to join Victoria, Daisy and Lily Mae for their choir practice before they perform in a big concert. Not to be outdone, Mr Tumble organises a concert of his own, with a very special guest! Wednesday’s episode is all about painting as Justin and his friends make some special paintings without paintbrushes while Mr Tumble has to overcome some interfering from his friends to paint his own picture. Justin and friends Donald and Sajid are pretending to be police officers on Thursday while Justin does some detective work of his own to find out what’s happened to Grandad’s carrots. And on Friday, Lord Tumble is under the weather so Mr Tumble makes him some soup and Justin heads to a donkey sanctuary.