Radio 1Xtra Stories - Gone Too Soon: The Story Of Gil Scott-Heron

Sunday 21 October



BBC Radio 1Xtra Stories - Gone Too Soon: The Story Of Gil Scott-Heron is the third in a four-part series that looks at the lives of four music stars who passed away too soon. The special series ties in with Radio 1Xtra’s celebrations of Black History Month.

A year on since Gil Scott-Heron passed away, 1Xtra’s Benji B celebrates the life of the musician, song-writer, poet, novelist and major influencer of what we now know as hip-hop.

As an artist who is recognised as one of the first to pen rhymes over beats and speak about themes of injustice and social commentary through song, Gil Scott-Heron has impacted much of what we hear on Radio 1Xtra today and has been sampled and name-checked by the likes of Kanye West, Common and Nas. Lifelong fan of Gil, Benji B, goes back to Gil's beginnings and learns the story behind one of the most innovative and influential artists of all time, with contributions from Jamie XX, Speech Debelle, Shabazz Palaces, Jehst, DELS, Richard Russell, Mos Def, KRS-One, Chuck D and more.

Passing away unexpectedly last year, Gil had a lot of dreams left unfulfilled and plans unfinished, but remarkably, UK producer Richard Russell has recorded tracks with Gil that the world has yet to hear. Exclusively for this documentary, Benji plays tracks from Gil's forthcoming posthumous album, Nothing New, that you will be the first to hear.

Presenter/ Benji B, Producer/ A folded Wing Production

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