Holby City

Ep 2/52

Tuesday 23 October



Eddi is back on AAU and determined to prove she can cope. But when a patient case is too close to home and the pressures of a demanding ward begin to take their toll, Luc’s worst fears are realised.

Elliot is utterly disillusioned when his artificial heart project, ten years in the making, has a last minute set back. But losing a patient on Darwin forces him back to his lab, determined to find a solution.

It’s the day of Chantelle’s interview and she is desperate to make a good impression – especially as Charlie Fairhead will be interviewing her! However one tricky patient case and a terrible interview later – is this Chantelle’s last day at Holby?

Eddi is played by Sarah-Jane Potts, Luc is played by Joseph Millson, Elliot is played by Paul Bradley, Chantelle is played by Lauren Drummond and Charlie is played by Derek Thompson.