The Flowerpot Gang

Confirmed for Wednesday 22 August on BBC One at 8.00pm - 9.00pm

Ep 2/4

Wednesday 22 August



Anneka Rice, Phil Tufnell and Joe Swift meet nine-year-old Hannah, one of thousands of young children in Britain who have taken on responsibilities beyond their years. Hannah cares for her mother, who is partially disabled, and her autistic sister.

The Flowerpot Gang travel to Sunderland, where the call for help has come from the Sunderland Carers’ Centre - a charity which gives young people who are looking after family with illness or disability a chance to enjoy their childhood.

Sue, who has worked at the centre for 14 years, contacted the team because she was desperate to create an outdoor space which the kids could personalise - a space for them to escape to away from the daily rigours of being young carers.

With the help of local residents the team gets stuck in to the garden, transforming it into a funky teen den with tyre swings and hammocks and a fantasy area with giant-sized flowers for the younger kids.

A few weeks later, following a call to arms by Anneka, local people turn out to help finish it off and secure its legacy.