The Bad Boy Olympian

Confirmed for Tuesday 24 July on BBC Three at 9.00pm- 10.00pm

Tuesday 24 July



Ashley McKenzie is one of Britain’s most successful young judo fighters and he’s in line for a place at the London 2012 Olympics. But there’s a problem: a diagnosis of severe ADHD has got Ashley into trouble all his life and in the last three years he’s been banned from the British judo squad four times for misconduct. One more ban and his chances of fighting at the Olympics will be gone.

Ashley has six months to prove that he is good enough to compete for Britain at the London Olympics. He needs to win a medal at the toughest international judo competitions in the world. He also needs to make sure his behaviour doesn’t let him down.

To keep himself on track Ashley is leaving his Mum and his childhood home to go and live with his tough, no nonsense, ex-Olympian coach, where the new level of discipline required will push him to the limit.